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Just a reminder to daily go to the Special Offers page to get SwagBucks for FREE.  Just click through all the offers then you will see the code appear.  Also if you have the toolbar installed you receive daily bucks for that too, they just randomly appear.

What is SWAGBUCKS? It is a search engine similar to Google but it rewards you for searching the web sign up here.

Just by searching on the internet I have $45.00 in gift cards to Amazon that I have earned since January. Not too bad. When you get people to sign up under you, you are rewarded by their searches too up to 1000 bucks.


Don’t forget that you can now go through the special offers page daily and score Swagbucks. It is a mindless tasks that earns 2 Swagbucks.

Have you downloaded the Swagbucks toolbar yet? Just for using it now you get rewarded.

Don’t forget to search, search, search….forget about Google and only use SWAGBUCKS. It pays to search!

What is SWAGBUCKS? It is a search engine similar to Google but it rewards you for searching the web sign up here.

Search & Win


Right now on Twitter there is a Swag code you can enter to get 5 Swagbucks.
Go here get the code, copy and paste it into the box under where you sign in.


WOW. Yesterday was Swagbucks 2nd birthday which means they have changed alot of things. First of all now everything is multipled by 10, you still have the same amount of swagbucks really, just multiplied by 10.  They upped all the prizes too so you don’t have more value, you just “feel” better because you get a higher amount.

Well one really cool thing that has come of it is now you can go to the Special offers page and scroll thru free offers and get a swagbucks EVERYDAY! Before it was only once a week.  WOO HOO!

Are you saving up for Christmas??? I have $35.00 for Christmas just for using Swagbucks.  Pretty cool if you ask me. 🙂

Haven’t signed up yet, do so now and get bonus bucks for signing up.

Ok here is the deal, if you SWAGbuck there is another code out. Log in, go to ways to earn, special offers,click on the No obligations offers, skip through them and you will see a code. Copy it and paste it into the box under the log in screen.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you are missing something AWESOME. Swagbucks is a great way to get gift cards for searching on the web. Sign up here to start getting paid to search.


Don’t forget today is MEGA Swagbucks day. I just won 4 SWAG Bucks for searching for that Mc Donalds logo. YEA! If you haven’t signed up for SWAGBUCKS click here.

Also you can get a SWAG BUCK for looking at the Free offers, this is updated every Thursday.  Log into your account, and click on ways to earn. Then go to Special Offers. On the right you will see a blue box that says No Obligation Offers.  Once you open that up you will see various offers, look at the bottom of the page and select skip, keep doing this until you will finally see a code. (Usually a number and letter combination) copy and paste that into the box under the log in, where it states enter a SWAG code.

How are you doing on the Christmas Challenge??? I have 5 Amazon gift cards totally $25, not bad for one month at this rate that will be $300 by Christmas. WOOHOO!

There is a SWAG code on the toolbar.  Look at the From TSG and you should see a message with the code in it.

Haven’t signed up for SWAGBUCKS yet? Check this blog out.

Want to work towards a FREE Christmas??? Join the Christmas Challenge here.


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