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Click here to get a sample of Dove conditioner. I was able to get a bunch of these at Walgreens for FREE and I love it.

Remember that when you sign up for samples you often get extra coupons from these companies too.


Click here for a FREE Special K protein meal bar sample plus coupons for protein shakes.

Just enter your information and you are all set.

I love gettng mail.  Today, I got a $3.00 check for doing a survey, React gum with 3D glasses, a coupon for a FREE bag of Sunchips, Coupons from Albertsons,  coupon for a FREE Vitamin water and a FREE Golf Digest.

Pretty good day for mail.


Tomorrow at Toys R Us the hot deal of the day is B1G1 Free My Little Pony’s.  Remember the coupon in the Play Saver insert from last Sunday??? It was for B1G1 FREE which should make BOTH of them FREE. 

There has been alot of discussion on the internet as to whether Toys R Us will allow this.  You see technically Toys R Us will get there money back from the manufacturer and they should let this work but we will see.

Update: Apparently the size is different at KMART than the size on the coupon.  I researched last night to see how many loads was in the 64oz but guess I was given wrong information.  Hold onto these coupons, I am pretty sure we will get FREE softener eventually.

Right now KMART has Snuggle fabric softener on sale 2 for $5.00. Todays newspaper had $3.00 off coupons in it. Which makes them be FREE. I am not sure if KMARt allows overage or not, if so then you will make $1.00 per 2 bottles. 

Product Details

OK. I don’t have any pets.  Four kids and a husband is enough for me to pick up after.  I jsut gotta say, I have never seen anything like this.  It makes since and is great for the environment, if you have dogs or know someone who does maybe you want to get this and pass it to them.

Click here to sign up for your FREE biodegradable doggie poop bags.  🙂

There is even a video to show you how they work. Enjoy!

flushable dog poop bags

Here is a great code for the weekend.  Rent 2 movies get the 3 for FREE, use code GU13D4 using the Blockbuster Express vending machines that are found inside most Publix’s. This expires 3/29/10.

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