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Are you slave to credit cards? Do you have more month left at the end of your money?  Are you so tight financially one mistake will mess up all your bills?  Are you stressed about how to pay for everything?

Dave Ramsey has the things you need to take back your life and live it the way God wants you to, DEBT FREE!  So far I have not talked too much about how we are working to be debt free or what our journey has looked like.

About 4 years ago we took our first Financial Peace University class. It changed our lives.  We were living with my parents, because we could not swing one income and two kids. We learned how to realistic, budget and plan for the future.  It also has brought us to the same page financially.  We have done the class a total of 4 times and everytime it motivates us more. We are down to 2 items on our Debt snowball the car and a HUGE student loan.  We pay for cash for everything, have $1000.00 in an emergency fund and live within our means.

The wisdom Dave provides in his books and lessons is amazing. He answers every question you can imagine and gives you tools to succeed.  His desire is for all of us to be debt FREE and millionaires. You can listen to him daily on the radio or go to his website and download the archives at

Here is his budget software so you can create your first budget. Put your information in it and see how you are doing. Trust me, budgets are our friends it pays to plan your month on paper.


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