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Here is a great idea. Around my house, since we all stay home we have MANY dishes.  I mean 4 kids plus me for all 3 meals ALL day…my kitchen always seems messy. I try everyday to instill the same cup for the day rule.  With the girls this is the easiest, they get a sippy cup and we keep it through out the day.  With the boys, who have the ability to help themselves, it is a constant reminder to use the same cup.  I have seen the Duggars, who have 19 kids put the kids names on the cups.

If we don’t enforce this, we end up with a cup for breakfast, snack, lunch, radomn drink in the afternoon, dinner and yet snack again. That could be 7 cups per child a day, WOW!


If your kids are like mine you have had to give them a Nebulizer treatment, which is not too fun. To the child it can be a big scary machine that makes noise and smokes, then you try to put the mask on them…not fun.

My favorite part is the Drs ever so compassionate response to them screaming while you attempt this at the Drs office for the 1st time, “Its ok the medicine gets in their lungs better when they are screaming or crying.” Really, was that helpful to the overwhelmed mother who is trying to hold the child, the mask and assure the other siblings in the room that it really is not hurting their sister/brother.

Here are some tips that helped us along the way.
*With our machine came stickers, to make it look like a bus, it amused the child and made them feel like they had something to do with it. You can bribe your child with a sticker for a reward, or allow them to decorate the machine.
*Sometimes you can get fun animal shaped masks, that helps them not be soo terrified of it. You can pretend to be that animal while wearing it.
*Set the treatment up in front of their favorite cartoon, it helps them forget they have to sit still and amuses them at the same time.
*If yours will not wear the mask you can hold the hose in front of their face. My 2 year old will finally sit for these treatments without any troubles so now I have her pretend it is a microphone and sing into during the treatment.
*If no matter what you do your child will not cooperate then do it while they are sleeping, it is much easier especially when they are little.

To see other tips of what works for people check out this link.

How many of us have multiple keys on our key rings? Well when we moved into our new rental we were given 3 keys that are identical.  CRAZY!  I quicly got a out a green sharpie marker and colored one green.  I could not scrounge for another marker so I decided to use nail polish on the other key. Only 6 months later and the one colored with the sharpie is still green.  So that is it, my wuick tip for the day color coat any keys with sharpie markers. 🙂

In order to score some great deals, you need to give companies your information. Instead of filling up your in-box use a free email account for all these companies.  There are many FREE email accounts available, try Google for gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or  This also helps when you are trying to get more than one deal, if you have multiple emails then you can signup under the different accounts.

To help save on money, use powder milk when cooking. Its that simple! Especially if you are doubling or tripling a recipe for freezer cooking, use powder milk, mix with water and use in your recipe. You won’t be able to tell a difference and you won’t need to have multiple gallons on hand in order to cook.

ALWAYS buy complete outfits. Trust me whenever I put on one of the outfits I bought together I feel the best and complete. It makes life easier if you take the extra time to buy an whole outfit, you already know what goes together. This works great for kids too.

It may seem like that $2.00 shirt is a good deal but if there is not pants/shorts/skirts to match don’t do it.

Ok here is a great idea, I can’t wait to use. I have been very inspired by the blog they have 9 kids. NO! We are not pregnant again. Anyways, they used rain gutters to create book shelves in their childrens rooms. My boys already have wedge shelves we bought them from IKEA but the girls room needs an idea like this. In May, Paige will be ready for a big girl bed and then we will be adding some rain gutter book shelves to their walls. I can’t wait, I love a GOOD idea. Click here to see their pictures and get their instructions on how to do this.

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