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OK I have to admit I have not been doing too well. We started on Monday and should be on day 7 today and I just finished Day 3 last night. I have some reading to do today. My husband and oldest son are current and it is awesome seeing them spending time with God.  My youngest son has been sharing my Bible with me which is where the problem lies, well at least some of the problem.

Here are my thoughtss from yesterdays reading Genesis 16- Genesis 40. I continue to be blow away from all the various “laying” with multiple people.  Also people God say are righteous and good are borderline in my eyes. Crazy! As I sat last night I was reminded that God has His hand in everything.  If you go back and look at the things that had to happen so Joseph would have a life it is amazing.

Jacob fled to Laban, because Essau wanted to kill him

Worked 7 years for Rachel, was tricked and got Leah

Worked for 7 more years married Rachel

God closed her womb and it took years before she had Joseph


The Bible in 90 Days

Well the Bible’s we ordered from Amazon arrived on Saturday, so Frank decided we should start today. We are blessed and already had the dramatized Bible on CD so I decided there is no reason why the boys can’t join us in this journey.  They, of course can read but expecting them to read 12 pages a day is alot to ask, especially Logan.  With the Bible on CD this allows them to follow along and make it though. They did great, they both went to their rooms and read their Bible’s this morning, and then during nap time I was able to do mine.  I have yet to check in with Daddy regarding this but he committed so I am sure he will do it.  When we get to bedtime the boys read in their beds to help them wind down, mine were starting to read tomorrow’s Bible chapters already. 🙂

I made notes, in my Bible regarding several verses. I have some questions I need to research and am not sure overall what God wanted me to get today.  I feel like it was nice just re-reading the begining of our story, you know like being reassured by a parent that He has our back. He started this and He is going to finish it how He wants, when He wants and we just need to trust in Him.

I have mentioned before Moms Toolbox, and how I was encouraged to begin this journey because of her. I went looking on her blog for what she got out of Day 1.  I love how we can read the same thing and God speaks to us differently and then we can encourage one another and make His word come to life.  Some of the comments were regarding being our spouses help mate.  How God designed the woman to be a helper, I know I often feel over whelmed and desire for Frank to help me, I am not too quick to ask what I can do for him.  One lady said she put this into practice by saying daily to her husband “What can I do to help you today?”  WOW! 

I am excited for what is to come and how this is going to help change me into what God wants.

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