The Coupon Butler

Sweetest Mother’s Day ever.

Posted on: May 11, 2010

Well I hope everyone had a GREAT mother’s day.  I think I had the sweetest one yet.  I woke up and could hear the boys in the kitchen with Frank cooking.  I laid in my bed because I knew I would be in trouble if I got up.

Logan came in to my room and said “Happy Mother’s Day.” he handed me a $20 bill. I knew he had this much money, so I asked “Is this from YOU? your money???” He replied, “No from Daddy.” 

Then came in Paige, I could barely see her over the bed “Here!” I could see the $20 but that was it.  I said “Who is over there??” “Me!” she replies. She stayed for awhile, kissed me on my head, cheek, nose, hair etc.

Next was Faith, she was the best.  She came over to me and said “I love you this much mommy” sticks out a $20 and smiles. Too funny, I laughed.

Hunter finally came in, “Happy Mother’s Day, I love you more than baseball.” For him, this is not much so I said, “What? baseball??”  He quickly changed it to “Football.” (Frank later told me how he had taken the $20 to his room instead of coming to me and got in trouble)

After a while I was served a plate of pancakes that were in the letters “Love You”.  I am sorry, but that was PRICELESS.  Hunter created it on his on, he didn’t use special cookie cutters, he just formed the letters from the batter on the griddle.  AWESOME.  Logan made sausage and eggs, which would not fit onto the plate because of the size of “love you”.

We have gone through money like milk lately, so I knew we did not have a spare $80 laying around.  I asked Frank if he borrowed the money?  “No it is mine.” “what?”  He sold his extra gun, which we planned on him doing but he was going to use that money towards another gun, instead he gave the majority to me.  *tears*  That is sooooo sweet.


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