The Coupon Butler

Coupon Talk at MOPS *Tonight*

Posted on: May 11, 2010

 This is an advertisement and a request. First of all if you have little ones in your house you NEED to join a MOPS group.  This has helped me in sooo many ways.  I have 4 kids as you may know and I never joined until this year, crazy right? I love this group of ladies, I have been encouraged by them and motivated by them.  This group has totally filled a void for me, that even my own church has not been able to fill.  It is so fun to get together once a month with other moms who can relate to poopy diapers, and no sleep. HA!  Find a group near you here.

This is our last meeting for the school year and I am speaking tonight on couponing.  Please, I could prob talk about that in my sleep. HA!  I am a little nervous, I have not felt quite myself lately. I have already done this *talk* in front our my Women’s ministry at church so I didn’t have to really prepare.  Thank God.  I am ready, I just want to be able to communicate this awesome way to save money to these young ladies clearly.  I pray that someone there will catch on to how cool this really is and get excited about it and change their families life for the better.

Thank you so much to those of you who have been lifting my family up in prayer.  Trust me I can tell.  If you would pray for our meeting tonight that would be awesome.


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