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What is my purpose?

Posted on: April 1, 2010

Have you ever felt so willing to be something, do something that no matter what arises you sit and picture that? I think I desire so much to see a clear description of God’s will for me that I probably am missing the WILL.  Does that make sense?  I am so willing to jump in and “do” whatever.  If someone approaches about a new opportunity I am willing to try to make it work, I am excited and then I often loose steam and reality hits and I know this was not for me.

For example we had a Lay Witness weekend at church last month, it was awesome.  Basically regular people travel to our church at their cost to share what God has done in their lives,  for the first night I kept thinking…that would be cool God, you gonna ask me to do that? I am willing, I could do it. 

If ever there needs to be something done, I always seem to sign up.  It is not easy and I usually stress out and worry but I go forward and keep signing up for things.  CRAZY! I know.

I was reading the book When a Woman Trusts God by Shelia Walsh tonight and there is a part that seemed to hit home tonight.  Here is the exert:

I spent some time with a woman who wanted to know how she could work full-time doing what I was doing, you know writting, traveling and speaking.

I asked her what she was doing at the moment.

Right now, she said, she was raising six children under the age of twelve.

I was blown away and told her that I was pretty sure that what she was doing was more than a full time  job.

Then she said something that really saddened me, “But I want to something for God.”

Where did we get the idea that the ones on stage or in bookstores are somehow more special to God? Certainly you cannot support those ideas from God’s word.


I can’t help but wondering why I keep forgetting that I have Gods little treasures in my own home.  I have four very improtant lives that need fine tuning.  I have lots of praying to do over my kids.  I keep hearing of people who had 4-5 kids and now have 12 grandkids. WOW if that isn’t the chance to build a heritage then I don’t know what is.  God has entrusted me with four wonderful little people and I need to make sure that I keep putting them first and not put my values outside in the “world” but in Him.  For right now, my purpose is them and I need to keep reminding myself of that daily.


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