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Walgreens: Dove RR still rolling.

Posted on: March 30, 2010

Here is what I have been doing at Walgreens with the Dove shampoo and conditioner.

Transaction 1

Dove Intense Daily Condtioner $4.00 use $1.50 coupon from 3/28 pay $2.50 plus tax and get a $4 RR back.

Transaction 2

Dove Intense Daily Conditioner $4.00 use $1.50 coupon from 3/28 plus buy either a Powerade ($1.59) or Cream of Mushroom soup ($1.59) Also hand over the $4.00 RR from Transaction #1 and pay only $.46 .

I bought 8 papers on Sunday, so I have done this transaction 6 times.  I also just used the RR to buy shampoo and only pay tax, it comes out to $.26 a bottle.  Pretty good!

I heard that Dove wants this to roll so they can get the new design of their bottles out.  OK with me, I am stocking up on some good shampoo.  This is why I love couponing…I never bougth $4.00 shampoo before…my hair is smiling now.


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