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Birthday party recap

Posted on: March 29, 2010

Well awhile ago I gave you some steps how to have an inexpensive birthday party.  Now that we have one down and only three to go I figured I would let you know how I did.

We had an at home party at 3pm in the afternoon.  We had planned on going outside to play either kickball or wiffle ball however it rained ALL day yesterday. 

I went into the Dollar Tree the other day and bought some sports themed plates, cups, napkins, 2 decorations and a pin the tail on the donkey game. 

I took advantage of the 2/$1.00 Publix sodas and bought 4 for the party.  We served cake, that I cut into a jersey shirt and used Reese Pieces and skittles to outline the shirt and add his birthday number to it.

We played pin the tail on the donkey, limbo and then tossed bean bags.  I handmade all 12 kids that were supposed to come 2 bean bags each, with some of my scrap materials they then took these home as their “party favors”.

There were 10 kids and 8 Adults at his party and I only spent $66.00 total for the party and gifts.  WOOHOO!!!

Here is the breakdown of the party:

Soda $2.00
Plates $1.00
Cups $1.00
Napkins $1.00
Decorations $2.00
Games $1.00
Cake $4.00
Ice Cream $4.00
Total $16.00

Here is the breakdown of the presents:

Toy Story 1&2 with movie ticket vouchers to see Toy Story 3 $14.00 (really FREE)
Wii Nerk game $20.00
University of Florida gators swimsuit $15.00
Total $49.00


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