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Spring is in the Air~FREE ideas

Posted on: March 22, 2010

Spring Break is coming up, which means kids will be home all day while parents entertain them.  Here are some great ideas of family fun things that are almost all FREE.  Make some great memories with your kids this Spring Break.  Don’t worry if you work during the day some of these ideas you could still do in the evenings.

Water day– Have a water balloon fight with the kids.  Get some squirt guns from Dollar Tree and water fight it up.  Pull out the Slip N Slide, what about the kiddie pool.  Do you have a splash park where you live? My kids love to go hang out in the fountains.

Go camping– Set up a tent in your backyard and camp out as a family. Bad weather? Set up a pop up tent in the house for the kids. Microwave smores for everyone.  Make popcorn. Grill out hotdogs for dinner.

Movie night– Gather the family together and watch a couple of movies. Use some FREE Blockbuster Express Codes.  Pop some  popcorn and get out some candy and drinks.  Turn the ligthts off for that movie theater effect.

Baking Day– Let the kids help make cupcakes, then let them decorate them however they want.  Yes, it might get messy but it will be a lot of fun.  Take some to the neighbors. Make homemade pizzas for dinner, let everyone create their own.

Bike Ride Day– Pack a picnic and head to a big park and ride bikes for awhile. Once you are done have the picnic and play frisbee.


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