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What exactly is Stockpiling???

Posted on: March 20, 2010

It is a proven fact that everytime you go to the store you spend more money than planned.  We see things we think we need and have to buy even if it is not on the list.  A great way to save money is to limit the number of times you go into a store by stockpilling.

Stockpiling is buying more than one item so you can stretch the amount of time before you need to buy the item again. The bigger your stockpile is the longer you can go without having to buy things at the store and the cheaper you can get the things you need.

When I first began seriously couponing, I was going through the Financial Peace class and watching our budget. Our financial goals for our family are to be completely DEBT free. We will one day accomplish this goal. Considering when we started we had lots of debt and now we are down to just our van and a student loan.

I was really inspired to stockpile when I read a great blog about a lady who was able to live off her stockpile for 2 years when her husband lost his job. WOW! Wouldn’t that be great.  When you have a one income family it is a peace of mind to know that this is one area I can do to make sure our family makes it through if a crisis arises.

When you are ready to begin stockpiling, I think the most important thing is prices.  Please don’t go to Sam’s and buy in bulk in order to stockpile, that defeats the purpose completely. When I was just begining I had a small notebook that I wrote prices in, that allowed me to see when things were a GREAT deal.  I have bought pasta for $.05 a box, toilet paper for $.17 a roll, and spaghetti sauce for $.37 a jar.  I have been able to get many things for FREE, the best thing I stockpiled so far was 22 bottles of Purex that I only paid tax for.

When things are FREE or really cheap buy more than one of the item.  If item X is usually $2.39 but is on sale for B1G1 $2.39 and you have $1.00 off coupons then you are getting the item for $.20. That is a savings of $2.19!  If you only buy 2 then when you run out and they are not on sale you need to pay the $2.39 price again.  If you stockpile then you can hold out until it is on sale again before you buy more.

Some of the things I have stockpiled are rice, sauces, soups, crackers, cereals, pasta, vegetables (both frozen and canned), juice, water, toilet paper, fabric softner, razors, tooth paste, tooth brushes, meats and the list goes on.

I have seen major benefits to coupons and stockpiling. Back in September when I began with full steam, we were using WIC for 2 of our kids.  We were barely making to the end of the paycheck with food in our house. It was stressful, if I felt the kids were eating something too quickly I worried. Within a couple of months I dropped the WIC program, and began to build up a great stockpile.  We now have 3 shelves in our garage with food items, had to build an extra shelf in the bathroom and have a deep freezer full of food.

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