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Coupon Cutting Tutorial

Posted on: March 20, 2010

OK I got my newspaper Sunday now what?  Did you buy a paper and are not sure what to do now? There are a couple of options first you could file them in a box by date and insert type, second you could cut the coupons and organize in baseball card holders.

Today I want to take you through the second option and show you that it is not really too time consuming.


Here are my coupon inserts, I buy 4 papers every Sunday I have organized them by type and now am ready to being tearing the pages apart. (I was shorted 1 PG, I hate it when this happens.)

I tear all the pages apart and criss cross stack them. I do this to all inserts first, once that is done then I cut the coupons. 

For Christmas I begged for a paper cutter, I HATE cutting with scissors, plus it hurts my wrist. I stack my 4 pages that are the same and cut them one time. 

Did you get that???  One cut for 4 coupons. BIG time saver.

Then after I cut them all I trim any necessary edges that are not cut good enough yet. 

 I then place them into categories. I sort them by Health/Beauty, Packages, Frozen, Meat, Dairy, Beverages, and Cleaning. I kind of criss cross the coupons in the different categories. 

I then am ready to place them all in the binder. I flip through the binder and pull out any expired coupons. If there are empty spots I just fill them in with the new coupons.

If the coupons are bigger than the slot I fold the coupon and file it away. No biggie.

I usually do Health and Beauty last, because once the rest is done I will break that section down farther.  I then break it down to Hair, Body, Medicine, Dental and Makeup. I file those too.


4 Responses to "Coupon Cutting Tutorial"

nice and very informative writeup keep it up.

Thanks, Robin. This post was perfectly timed for me. I just bought my baseball sheets last week but had no clue how to organize them. Maybe this will propel me into action and actually get all of my cut coupons into their new homes!

Where, what kind and how much are the pages you use?

I bought regular baseball card holders. I found some of mine from Target and the rest I bought at Walmart. The Target ones were a little higher in price but they are thicker and feel like better quality.

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