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How to get little ones to do those Nebulizer treatments.

Posted on: March 3, 2010

If your kids are like mine you have had to give them a Nebulizer treatment, which is not too fun. To the child it can be a big scary machine that makes noise and smokes, then you try to put the mask on them…not fun.

My favorite part is the Drs ever so compassionate response to them screaming while you attempt this at the Drs office for the 1st time, “Its ok the medicine gets in their lungs better when they are screaming or crying.” Really, was that helpful to the overwhelmed mother who is trying to hold the child, the mask and assure the other siblings in the room that it really is not hurting their sister/brother.

Here are some tips that helped us along the way.
*With our machine came stickers, to make it look like a bus, it amused the child and made them feel like they had something to do with it. You can bribe your child with a sticker for a reward, or allow them to decorate the machine.
*Sometimes you can get fun animal shaped masks, that helps them not be soo terrified of it. You can pretend to be that animal while wearing it.
*Set the treatment up in front of their favorite cartoon, it helps them forget they have to sit still and amuses them at the same time.
*If yours will not wear the mask you can hold the hose in front of their face. My 2 year old will finally sit for these treatments without any troubles so now I have her pretend it is a microphone and sing into during the treatment.
*If no matter what you do your child will not cooperate then do it while they are sleeping, it is much easier especially when they are little.

To see other tips of what works for people check out this link.


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