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Walgreens: FREE Purex

Posted on: February 28, 2010

OK so here is the deal Purex laundry soap is on sale B1G1 FREE.  Plus if you use the coupon from 2/21 RP to score 2 for FREE.

Think I am gonna have to run tonight to take advantage of this deal.

Thanks, Hip2Save


5 Responses to "Walgreens: FREE Purex"

Have you tried his yet? Just wondering if you were successful of not. Jean and I both tried it today at different walgreens and they wouldn’t do it!


I have not yet checked out this deal. I have seen alot of people have success with it though. I also have heard of people having some troubles, they say it is up to the cashier, kind of a deal. I have searched all over the internet for a coupon policy for Walgreens and can’t find one. I am going to try at the Walgreens near me tonight and I’ll let you know. I certainly hope this works because I ordered 10 coupons so I could snag some FREE laundry soap.

Let me know how it goes and if it goes well, which one you went to! Jean was saying that they don’t have a coupon policy so it is up to each store/cashier if they accept them or not.

That is correct. NO policy. I went to the one at 43 and Manatee, they were honoring the coupons and wer all OUT! I got a rain check however, they said the next truck will be in on Friday so we shall see. I then went to the one over the bridge in Palmetto and scored 6 bottles for $1.19 TAX. They too are out, now,and said a truck should be in on Wednesday evening. There are lots of Walgreens around though…good luck. Which ones have you guys been to that didn’t work???

Jean went to the one on 41 by target and I think the one on 34th and 53rd. I went to one in Sarasota since I was down there yesterday. I will have to try some others while we are out today.

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