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Publix current deals 2/25-3/3 $aved $171.00

Posted on: February 28, 2010

I was at Publix this evening and was able to get a crazy amount of stuff for only $45.62. I saved $171.98 WOW!!!! Well, $13.75 of it was paid with a gift card, I got for transferring a prescripton so only $31.87 out of pocket!

Here are the items I got:

12 Egg Beaters $1.66 paid $.33 each total $3.96
$1.00 off Publix coupon and store blinkie $.35 off 2

10 Knorr sides $1.49B1G1 paid $.44
$.60 off 2 1/31RP

20 Green Giant Veggies $1.25B1G1 paid $.38 total $7.50
$5 off 20 Store coupon

1 Nabisco Animal Crackers $1.39 paid FREE total FREE
Baby Club coupon

2 Smuckers PNUT Butter/ Jelly sandwhiches 4ct $2.00 paid $.45 total $.90
$1.00 printable(no longer available) plus $.55 off store coupon

5 Febreeze Sprays $2.50 paid $.75 total $3.75
$.75 Publix coupon and $.50 off 1/17 PG

2 Reddi Whip cream $2.29 paid $2.29 total $4.58**deal was combined with Pam spray

2 Pam Sprays $3.39B1G1 paid $.70 total $1.39
Publix coupon $1.00 WYB Pam and Reddi Whip

1 Welch Grape Jelly $2.00 paid $1.25 total $1.25
$.75 off Manufacturer coupon

Dawn Foam dish soap $2.99 paid $.75

2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal $3.99B1G1 Paid $1.00 total $2.00
Printable $1.00 coupons

4 Lipton Decaf Tea Family Size $3.99 B1G1 $1.40 total $5.58
$.60 off 1 Lipton Tea 1/31 RP

4 Buddig Turkey lunchmeat $2.50 paid $.95(2) $.50(2) total $2.90
$1.00 printable, $1.00 store coupon, $.55 peelies

Dawn Dish Detergent $1.49 paid $.25 total $.25

6 Ragu sauce $2.27B1G1 paid $.53 total $3.21
$.60 off manufacturers coupon

Publix Spring Water $4.49 paid FREE total FREE
Free Publix water coupon was on Newspapers back in January4 Revlon nail clippers $.79 paid $-.21 total $-.84

2 Kraft Cheese blocks $1.67 paid $.67 total $1.34

4 Right Guard Deodrants $2.79 paid $.40 total $1.60

3 Welches $2.50 paid $1.50 total $4.50

6 Bayer 32ct $1.50 paid $-.75(4) $.25(2) total $-2.50

I tried to scan the receipt but can’t work my new printer yet.  The receipt is from the floor to my shoulder long. 


4 Responses to "Publix current deals 2/25-3/3 $aved $171.00"

can you tell which coupons that you used? I’m trying to figure it out but I’m lost.

I got some of those great deals too! The Green Giant corn has a Publix store coupon for $1 off 2, making them $.12 each. The Ragu also has a $1 off 2 Publix coupon as well as a manf. for $.60 off 2, making them $.33 each. I found all the Publix coupons in the store on Cortez and 47th St. There are 3 differnt ones they have: a Healthy Kids, Viva Italia, and another one that I can’t seem to remember the name of!

What coupons did you use for the Dawn and Febreeze?

Kristi- I am trying to list the coupons as I can remember them Iam not too good at getting my stuff and listing if verbatim too. I always search all over to see what others have done, starting with Southern Savers. Now that the coupons are all in the binder, I don’t know when they came from but it is easier to do match ups at the store.

Erin- Our Publix did not have the coupon book with the Ragu coupons. I looked. The Dawn and Febreeze have Publix coupons on the Stock up and Save flyer. I also had other man coupons I paired them with, some were from a Save a lot coupon booklet and some from a PG book I signed up for.

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