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Target deals

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Did you know there is a great Target blog called She does an awesome job listing Taget matchups.  My best friend Kristi and all 8 of our children spent 5 hours in Target today.  CRAZY, but we got some good deals.

Bandaids 10ct Hello Kitty FREE with $1.00 off coupon

100 calorie right bites $.69 each when you use $.75 off and you get a $5 gift card

Listerine mouthwash/Smart rinse $1.99 use  $.50 listerine coupon/$1.00 smart rinse coupon plus get $5.00 gift card and as a BONUS the smart rinse was a double pack so really…$1.50 each.

Monopoly/Scrabble Slam/Pictureka card games….$1.24 when you go to and print off the $4.00 and $5.00 coupons. PLUS at Target on 41 the had $5.00 off coupon INSIDE the box so I can now roll those into more. YES!  These are for Easter baskets, and stocking up the Bible Bucks store at Church.

***I have heard that Toys R Us has the Pictureka full size game on sale until Saturday for only $6.98 so that would make it $1.98. Target and Walmart will price match if you have the full sized add.


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