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Are you getting a tax refund???

Posted on: February 24, 2010

Whenever we recieve our tax check we always feel like we have extra money to splurge on things we  can’t afford normally. I am sure we are not the only ones who do this, right?

This year I want to encourage you to take some of the extra splurge money and stock up on things for your pantry.  I can not afford to go to Warehouse stores all the time. When I can, I stock up on certain staple items.  For example, I was able to go and purchase flour, sugar, brown sugar, and long grain rice for really good prices because I bought in bulk.  The trick is making sure you can store it properly.  If you have the proper storage containers then you can keep these staples for a long time.

Food grade containers are expensive to purchase, you need food grade so over time the plastic and chemicals do not leech into your food.  The good news is most stores will get food grade containers in the bakery and will actually give them to you.  I have had good luck asking at Publix and Albertsons for these containers.

I have my smaller canisters I use when I need one of these items, but when it is empty instead of running to the store I replenish with my own stockpile. 

Here is the available size these items come:

Flour 25lbs

Rice 25lbs

Brown Sugar 7lbs

Sugar 10lbs

***While you are there don’t forget to grab some milk at only $2.49 a gallon it was a great deal too.


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