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Posted on: February 23, 2010

Ok so lately the Daily dish has not been daily…sorry life happens at my house too.

Alright, todays tip is really pointing you in the right direction.  Have you ever wondered how you were gonna keep your house clean?  Feel overwhelmed by stuff and clutter? Well a couple of years ago I was pointed to Fly Lady. She is amazing, and no she does not come and clean your house for you.

Flylady encourages you to start out small, shine you sink before bed. Trust me, by experience this small step really does help. She has challenges to set your timer and clean a certain area.  Really by taking it small steps at a time you can conquer the mess.

I was thinking just yesterday, I need to get back into this because my house is suffering and I need someone to direct me in how to get it back in place.  I have heard my husband beg me to start fly ladying again planty of times too. Here is the direct link, it is completely FREE.

She sends reminders to your email box and tells you what you should work on.  It is overwhelming to get all those emails, I will admit that.  Most of the time you don’t have to actually open the emails you just need to read the subject line.


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