The Coupon Butler

I have been reading this great book, Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God by Sheila Walsh. 

This part really got me, she talks about how Lazarus is dying, Martha and Mary send for Jesus.  He has just fled the city because the rulers want to kill him. Jesus gets this note and says He is going to help Lazarus, the disciples say “Why? They want to kill you” and so on.  Thomas, however the one we normally call Doubting Thomas says, “Come along, we might as well die with Him.” John 11:16

This really stands out to me. First of all I really can relate to “Doubting Thomas” I am a big gotta see it to believe kind of person. So this changes my view of him.  Shelia points out that Thomas is very smart in what he says, we might as well die with Him.  She then says that it is better to go with Jesus anywhere, even if it means death than to part from Him.  That is very true. Think about it, even if we knew the path would lead to something bad for ourselves, if we truely love God we would want to be right where He is.  I mean, if God knows all and is in control of all than wouldn’t we want to be right where He is?


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