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Faith, you gotta have it

Posted on: February 15, 2010

I just gotta share this, my daughter Faith has been fascinated with her Uncle Tom. I mean, she knows who he is but hasn’t stayed at their house or created any special memories with him that the rest of the family have not been at.  In other words, he hasn’t done anything to get this special attention.  All of a sudden when we were praying she would pray for him like 4 times in the same prayer.

She asks all the time, did my Uncle Tom buy me that and so on.  I thought WOW she must enjoy saying his name. We just kept telling her no, he didn’t buy her that or you have already prayed for your Uncle Tom etc.

The other day I was compelled to send Uncle Tom an email to just let him know he was prayed up and so on.  I found out that he had some cancer spots removed from his neck recently and really did need the prayer.

I was in awe as I heard this, never under estimate WHO God can use.  I don’t know what that meant for Uncle Tom to know that Faith had been praying for him, and I don’t know how God fully plans to use that but am blown away by what He is doing in our lives lately.


2 Responses to "Faith, you gotta have it"

Well you had to know when you names her FAITH, she was going to be special!!! I love things like this that really assure how god does work in little ways!!!

God is good!!! 🙂

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