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Couponing mess

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Well, on Wednesdays bloggers  post things that work for them, here. Today I want to show you what is NOT working for me.  My coupon organizing, I have been saying tomorrow for like 2 weeks and the pile is getting bigger instead of smaller.  I find new coupons I must have so I print them, or at the store I get more blinkies.  Even though this is a HUGE mess that needs my attention I am still able to save crazy amounts of money.

So what is not working for me is setting aside NO time to organize these money saving slips of paper.  I think I need to write on my calendar COUPONS at least once a week and manage this mess during nap time. 🙂


2 Responses to "Couponing mess"

I keep mine in a coupon binder. What I do is keep the whole circular intact and write the date on the front. I made a ‘data base’ on my computer where I list coupons by date and value–under a dollar, a dollar, high value. I don’t list every coupon because (obviously) I don’t use them all. I don’t even divide them by type. Instead, I go to ‘format’ and ‘shading’ and highlight edible things (including pet food) in green, health and beauty in violet and household in blue. Oh, each ‘spreadsheet’ goes under a category like Redplum, Smart Source or “Loose” coupons.
If I can suggest a start for you, invest in a 3-ring binder and some plastic page protectors. (If you scrapbook, you know what I mean. But you can get them just about anywhere that sells office supplies.)
Slip one circular into each plastic sleeve and put them all in the binder. At least then they will be ‘contained’ until you get the chance to clip them as necessary.
BTW, I probably don’t have to do my own data base. I’m not sure who it was, but one of the WFMW bloggers today mentioned blogs that keep track of what coupons come from where and when–you just have to remember to write the dates on the circulars.
Good luck getting it back in order. It’s sure worth the time and effort, isn’t it?

Oops, I forgot one important thing! If you do a binder, you should also get one of those zippered pencil holders with 3 holes in it that go into binders. It is where you can keep your scissors so that they will always be there when you need them. (And pencils or pens for writing your lists, as well.)

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