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Freezer Cooking update

Posted on: February 8, 2010

Well, it is lunch time.  I completed 3 meatloaves, 3lb of ground beef browned, and 20 breakfast burritos. Next up potatoes and waffles…here is the pics from the breakfast burritos. The whole time I was assembling them I had children at my feet begging for tacos.

 We got egg beaters on a really great deal and froze them, this is 2 packages of western flavor.

Brown sausage, I use different kinds of meat sometimes sausage, ham or bacon. This was also in the freezer Jimmy Dean maple flavor.

These are Walmart brand, they only cost $.92 for 16 flour tortillas…maybe someday I will make some myself but for now this is pretty cheap.

Assemble onto tortillas, this is cheese, eggs and sausage.

Fold them over and then I flipped mine onto Saran Wrap.

I then used the kitchen scissors to cut down the middle of Saran Wrap and wrapped them individually.

Here is one of my helpers…she was untying my shoes.

Here is the completed breakfast burritos, I store them in a sealed container in the freezer so they stay fresher.  Frank pulls out 1 or 2 and heats in microwave for a quick and super cheap breakfast. It cost $5.00 for all of the ingredients so when you divide that by 20 that is $.25 a burrito WAY cheaper than Mc D’s.


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