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Christmas Challenge

Posted on: January 13, 2010


I would like to issue out a Christmas Challenge, I know Christmas just passed.  We have a whole 11 months to partake in this challenge.  I was blown away by another blogger online who spent $70.00 for Christmas and used her Amazon cards to pay for the rest.  So I am asking you to click this link and sign up for SWAGBUCKS. Set a goal of having a nearly FREE christmas next year. I figure if by only searching you manage to win 3 SWAGBUCKS a day for the next 345 days and traded them in for $5.00 Amazon gift cards which currently cost 45 SWAGBUCKS you will have $115.00 in Amazon gift cards.

That is a pretty good amount to get started for Christmas, if that was paired up with the crazy good deals that Amazon has around Christmas it is even sweeter.  Just for signing up you get a bonus 3 SWAGBUCKS and also if you download the toolbar I believe there is a bonus for that. Once you get the hang of SWAGBUCKS you can invite your friends, when they earn a SWAGBUCK (up to 100) you will be rewarded also. This will make your swags get even higher.

There are other ways to get SWAGBUCKS they issue swag codes you can read about those here. They also have Mega Swag Fridays where you can search and win up to 100 swagbucks at one time, read about those here.

How many times a day do you go to I used to do it ALL the time. Now I simply put my search into the toolbar for SWAGBUCKS and am sometimes rewarded for simply searching the internet, which I do anyways.

So who is up for the challenge? Leave me a comment if you are ready to join me in this Christmas Challenge.


1 Response to "Christmas Challenge"

I think this is a wonderful idea. I took your advice and downloaded the toolbar. I only use that as a search engine. Yesturday I got 2 swagbucks just for asking a question on my sons homework. Although we do have 11 months it still seems to sneak up when we least expect it.

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