The Coupon Butler

Getting Started- Cost Journal

Posted on: January 9, 2010

Ok so by now you have experienced buying a great deal, I hope.  I am sure you told everyone you knew how awesome it was that you got item x for only $.25.   Next time you have to buy item x you will not be happy if you have to pay full price.  Stores try to trick us into believing we are getting a good deal.  If you can make a list of your rock bottom prices then you will know when it truly is a good deal.

For example I was able to buy the White Cloud toilet paper 4 pack for only $1.00, now I do not want to pay anymore than $.25 a roll for toilet paper. There are lots of good sales now, CVS giving ECBs and coupons and all but none come even close to $.25 a roll. So I am waiting, my supply is getting low and I will have to buy some but I will only buy a pack of whatever is really cheap until I find another GREAT sale.  Then I will stock up.

A cost journal will help you know what your bottom price is. It will be an outline for how you shop. When I started couponing I used this all the time. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate spread sheet, it can be a pocket notebook that you stick in your purse. You don’t really need to carry it with you, just have it at home when you are making your shopping lists. Just write the item, quantity per pack and price you paid.


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