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Ways to Earn Money

Posted on: January 4, 2010

As a stay at home mom, I have looked high and low for supplemental ways to earn some extra cash.  I have finally found some ways to earn a little bit at a time, I don’t think you will get rich by these but all the small things add up.

One thing is Swagbucks, it is a search engine that rewards you with bucks for searching.  I have only done it for a couple of months and have already gotten 3 gift cards.  You are also rewarded when someone signs up under you and searches, you can win up to 100 swagbucks per referral.  I have seen people pay for Christmas with only their Swagbucks. I think this is awesome.

Second way to earn some money is by answering questions in surveys.  I have signed up for a couple survey sites and have earned money.  A lot of sites have a minimum cash out, You Data pays you every Friday via Paypal for what you have earned this week.  You Data pays you for looking at their ads. Inbox Dollars sends you emails and you get paid for clicking through them.  There is a minimum of $30 before they will pay you and they give you a $5.00 bonus for signing up.

Another form of earning money is by being a Mystery Guest. There aren’t too many opportunities for this in my area.  I am excited because I am going to do this for the first time this week. You only have to go and observe how things work and then report about it. You are reimbursed your meal, which means FREE date night with my hubby.


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