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Getting started- Part 2 Printables

Posted on: January 3, 2010

                                                          RedPlum – Sweeten the Deal

When you first begin couponing, you should look everywhere for coupons. There are several places online that allow you to print coupons.  It is very easy to print online coupons, in the beginning you may need to install a coupon printer.

Manufacturer coupons can be found at sites like,,, and These sites allow you to print each coupon twice.  Once you have printed one copy then push the back button twice and another coupon should print. You are allowed to print two copies per computer. Coupons are regional also so if there is a zip code spot, I always enter 90210 because they are a bigger region.

There are also store coupons you can print and use at Publix to score an even better deal.   You can go to (they will only allow one print per coupon),, and to find store coupons. You can match store coupons with manufacturer coupons at Publix to make your out of pocket even smaller. Remember you can use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item you are buying.

Printable coupons are usually higher in value than the ones in the newspaper or at the stores. There are places that give you rewards for returning your used ink cartridges. Also if you know any businesses that only use one side of the copy paper you could ask to recycle some for them.  I am blessed to have someone give me paper that only has one line typed across it and I use the other side to print on. You can also set your print quality to fast draft to help save on ink.  Some coupons print an ad with the coupon and I know some people who stand by the printer and press cancel so they don’t waste the extra ink.


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