The Coupon Butler

Saved almost $200.00 LAST week

Posted on: October 9, 2009



I just recently started couponing.  I have been at it for a month now, at first it was a little overwhelming. First of all you have to learn all the cute acronyms for the coupon books. When you have four kids interrupting your every move it takes a while to understand things.

I began collecting coupons in order to build a great stash before trying to coupon very much.  In the beginning you are constantly looking to see if you have snagged that REALLY great coupon everyone seems to be using.  After a few trial weeks you get the hang of it, so if you are new just hang in there.

There are several types of couponers there are the ones who casually coupon and feel good about the little savings they achieved, there are ones who cut and try too many products because they feel they are getting a bargain, and then there are some who become die hard couponers and are looking for the lowest prices that they can get.  I want to become the last type, I am learning what the lowest prices I have bought stuff for and that is what I want again.

Let me just say that after shopping 5 times at Kmart when they had their last double coupon event was totally cool.  I bought Huggies diapers for $2.59. THAT IS CRAZY to the regular person who settles for the $19.99 box at Wal-Mart.  I got razors FREE no they are not what I regularly buy, but hey I didn’t really buy these either. My husband is gonna smell great for a while because I got him 8 deodorants for FREE too.

My stockpile is growing and I am quite proud of what I have been able to accomplish in this first month of trying. My cabinets are overflowing with Gods goodness and I plan to keep it this way.

We are a one income family, we have always had a food budget, it used to be $100.00 every 2 weeks.  We were able to do that, it was tough it felt like there was never enough food in our house, but we had a plan and would stick to it. We have been able to adjust the food budget and now it is $150.00 every two weeks. By using coupons I have been able to stock pile food. I was finally able to go to Sam’s and splurge a little on bigger items.


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