The Coupon Butler

This week until Wednesday night, you can purchase a $50 gift card for gas for only $40. Publix is offering this deal again, only this time you can choose which gas company you buy the gift card from.  At our Publix they had Shell, Chevron, BP or Hess.  The stipulation to this deal is that you must spend $25 on Publix items before  you can use the in ad coupon.

We did this last year and bought enough gas cards for our vacation and were able to save $50 which is HUGE especially consideering gas prices.


Have you ever driven away at a gas station realizing you paid more per gallon than whan was advertised on their sign?  Gas stations are getting tricky lately.  Alot of them are advertizing a price that is only good for their company credit card or cash.  They do allow debit cards to get the discount too.

Pay attention when pumping gas, if you are using a debit card be sure to enter it that way or it could cost you $.05 extra or more per gallon of gas.

Not sure how long this will last but Publix has once again decided to sell the Bardenton Herald Sunday edition for only $.50.  WOW! That is awesome.  This means that you can truely stock up on papers, I have been getting 6 papers and the coupons have not failed me yet. 🙂

In today’s paper there is an awesome coupon for TG Lee Dairy milk.  CVS carries this milk for a little over $3.00 a gallon and with this coupon you can score milk for over $2.00.


Save an extra 15% off sale and clearance prices June 4-6 with the code SUMMER15 online at Don’t forget Father’s day is just around the corner…


Here is a new printable coupon for Vaseline Aloe Fresh line of products. It doesn’t expire until 7/18/10.

If you have a Race Trac gas station around you then you can buy a cup for $6.99 are refill it ALL summer long.  WOW!  They have Coke and Pepsi products plus Gatorade.  Click here for more info.

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